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 Orlando Peña is a Singer/Songwriter from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is also the writer and singer for The Midnight Purchase.
     His style contains the beautiful imagery and storytelling qualities of traditional folk and country music, but with modern instrumentation and rhythms that come from his eclectic background.
     After spending a few years on a goat farm in rural Illinois honing his craft, Peña returned to Milwaukee with more focus and hard earned experience.
​     His group, The Midnight Purchase bring a refreshing and unique sound to Americana, a genre that often favors tradition. Coupled with an energetic and passionate live performance it's easy to see why Orlando Peña and the Midnight Purchase are an act to keep a close eye on as they begin to reach out beyond the Midwest.

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Orlando Peña’s sturdy songwriting gives The Midnight Purchase room to roam. The group’s four-song EP, National Sessions, reveals The Band-like sounds of young folks older than their years.


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